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Laurel's Journal


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June 9th, 2007

Hurt, watching them fucking hurt me, as much as I wanted X happy, it meant I was alone, I could do alone, but I was use to him being around following me like a puppy. She was alive, his mate was alive, and yes I rejoiced, but I cursed as well. I’m a monster, selfish, and cruel.

Everything is capable of doing bad things, things they regret. Difference, I didn’t regret the things I did. I killed with such abandon, creatively, cruelly, and usually the mortal men I chose to fuck.

The night was dark, humid and inviting. Millions of smells traveled through my nostrils, teasing them with the virtual smorgasbord of food walking the streets: Chinese, and French cuisine tempting me to snack before my dinner. But I didn’t indulge, watching my figure was all-important since she was in the picture.

Stiletto’s clicking as I walked, I enjoyed the sound, and the memories they brought with them. Memories of carnage, and torture with those wonderful heels, and I had countless pairs of shoes. The appreciate glances only fuelled my hunger. It had been awhile and I was ravenous.

Entering the posh restaurant, I scanned the room for a possible victim, as I slid into my seat with anticipation, ready to sate my growing hunger for something more than just food.

December 10th, 2006

The wheels bump hard on the tarmac, the plane jolting us a little too hard, X’s hand covering mine quickly to keep me in my seat. Nothing, I’d rather do than jump up in my seat, make my way to the pilot’s cabin and eviscerate him right there.

It was all I could to keep from trembling in anger, or panic, and X wasn’t helping at all, and with each passing minute, everything I knew was changing, everything I’d trusted and my life was spiralling toward something else, and I hated change almost as much as I hated humans. I needed a good fuck, and to tear something apart – anything, and I was ready.

I admit to being a bitch, an evil manipulating self-centred bitch, in everything except to when it came to X, he was the only one who could get to me, make me do something other than what I’d wanted to do.

It all started out rather simply, my clowning around to put him in a better mood. Ready to shop in Egypt, we were in fucking Paris and X was being all broody, but then that was X, Mr. Brooder. The call came, one call and he drops all of our plans changes everything, and I was pissed. This plane ride wasn’t helping matters, or the fact that I hadn’t had sex or a good kill in too many days to count.

My plan was to shop, maim, kill gorge ourselves to bursting, then go to America. Spend the holidays in New York, and while there we’d meet with the elders of the pack and see what had developed about the mythical girl we’d been chasing. One call and all of that had changed, and I wasn’t happy at all.

It was unlike X to change my plans and to make demands, but he had, in fact it was more of an order, we were going to England. He was visible shaken from the call, and characteristically silent about things, but this, whatever it was, he should have told me, and then when he did – I wasn’t prepared.

Helena, the love of his life, she was alive and in England, at least that’s what his sources reported. Granted, neither of us would believe it until we saw her, but once again my best friend had been lied to, about someone else he’d loved, the someone he’d chosen as his mate.

X and Laurel, that’s how it had been forever, what is forever in the lifetime of an immortal? Best friends, fuck buddies on occasion, we were the prophesied two, but the love was platonic, we weren’t the wolf that did it for the other, but over the years, we’d come to rely on each other we were family, all we had and all we trusted.

Wolves mate for lives, and she was whom he’d wanted. There wasn’t room for a third-wheel and that is what I would be if this rumour was true. How can you not want your best friend to be happy? I’d never been in love, never understood how he felt about her.

Terror spread through my body, as the plane taxied toward the gate, moving us to something different. Whatever we had was about to change, and my body was racked with so many emotions, I just need to kill something … anything.

Stoic he sat there a million miles away, his mind with her, and I wanted to hug him and say I was so glad, and I was, inside I was crying for what I was losing, for what I’d never had.

It was the first time I’d ever experience envy, I wasn’t human and I didn’t have many human emotions, funny I was realizing how many of them I really did have.

My boy, well he’s not a boy, he’s a man, but he’s all mine and he drives me crazy. I have to grin, knowing I was right in turning him; he’ll be as fierce a killer as he is a lover.

Admittedly, I’ve tried many things, but being tit fucked that is certainly a first, watching his eyes narrow, and go dark with pleasure, that’s what it’s about for me. Actually, that’s strange for me, as I’ve always been into my own pleasure, but hey, I’ve never fucked someone more than once, unless it was some whelp in the pack, and I was bored, attachments had never been for me, no one was every interesting enough.

His cock twitching and a dark brown from the chocolate I’d poured on my swelling tits, I thought he’d ejaculate all over me which would have been fine, I would have bathed in it, spreading it over me, then sliding down on his pulsating member, my baby could stay hard forever. I had to wonder if it were something to do with being a wolf, or if Lindsey’s cock always stayed hard.

But this amazing man, slid that steel hard cock into my yearning pussy, thrusting for all he was worth, and I came as soon as he entered, with every stroke, it was all I could do but scream, and as he made my body move up and down, the light from the sun, streaming through the windows reflected in the engagement ring I now wore on my hand, refracting beautiful rainbows on the walls and ceiling. It was almost as if I were in some drug-induced memory.

His seed ripped through me, as I yelled his name. Sooner or later we’d have to talk about pups, I’d learned to control my cycle, but at this rate, I’d be carrying cubs before too long, and until Lindsey, I’d never wanted them before.

Still in me, I could feel him continuing to cum, as if he had a never-ending source of semen, and as he continued to cum, I began grooming him, as mates do, licking slowly and seductively.

“As soon as we are cleaned up, I’d like to take you on that shopping spree, and if you behave I just might fuck you again, after I satisfy this growing appetite.” It had been too long since I’d killed and all of this screwing was whetting my need to rip something to shreds and gorge myself on a human.

September 20th, 2006

Shed Your Old Skin - FAB

Without Text
Humans, they are so … disgusting. The wear their desires like a fine perfume, all my kind has to do is just smell, breathe them in and you know what they want, what they desire and of course what scares them.

It takes a certain amount of finesse to know how to play a human, to make them beg, crawl, or want it even when they know it will kill them. Making them scream was easy, and rarely fun. Breaking them, plunging them into the depths well that was another story.

Watching him suck her dry, granted not the usual wolfen kill, but then usual was not a word I’d use to describe Lindsey. He was evolving into a higher being. Unlike vampires, we didn’t keep them alive to feed, for they would eventually turn, healing daily, growing stronger, for me once they were bitten the fun was gone.

For me, the sport was in the game.

Smiling, I watched him drink her life force as if it were the most exquisite wine; he savoured it, at times drinking quickly, and at others drinking it slowly.

Still naked, I moved up behind him, pushing myself up against him, slipping my hand around his waist and down to his cock, my hand moving slowly back and forth bringing it to life. I wanted him to ejaculate as she died. Really I wanted him in my mouth, but I’d have to stop him, and I’d wait for another time.

Tongue sliding over my teeth, my lips moving into a self-satisfied grin, as he came all over my hand, her body falling lifeless unto the floor, I released him, allowing him to turn toward me, but I stepped back.

The lust in his eye was evident.

Taking my hand I wiped the excess cum on his chest, then seductively licked all of my fingers in front of him.

Cocking my head to one side, “fuck anyone else without me there, and I’ll kill you,” I tried not to smile, and I knew I didn’t have to tell him that, but there was a certain excitement in telling him. If he felt the need, we’d do it together, and have quite the time with it.

Dark eyes flashing, I put my hand on the back of his neck, forcefully pulled him to me, my mouth covered his, tongue seeking his hot dark cavern, sharing his cum with him.

“Now, lover,” I purred low pulling back from him, “get whatever you want from this place, before we burn it.”

August 1st, 2006

Arrival - Flesh and Bone

Without Text
As I looked out the window, fluffy white clouds, forming various animal shapes drifted by rather effortlessly, much like the sex I’d had in the bathroom on the plane, it was easy for me to fake it, although the man was handsome enough, he smelled dead, lifeless. But then most humans had that aroma about them; at times it would make me nauseous, and incredibly difficult to kill something that smelt of death.

The chase, that is what the kill was about, at least for me, teasing them, taunting them, I loved to seduce them, and eat them, if they were a good and pleased me then I’d kill them quick, but if they performed sadly, then I took my time finding creative ways of eviscerating them.

Too many centuries of whelps killing indiscriminately had caused problems for the pack, and too many times, justice had taken the life of a promising pup as they tended to be too arrogant when new.

No one in the pack even caused me a moment’s pause; they were too boring, lacked imagination and well, tended to be lackluster in bed. Those turned kept toward human ways, and those born, were ones I’d had once too often.

Sighing, I felt the wheels of the plane hit the tarmac, the bumping, filling me with a certain anticipation of things to come. It had been many years, since I’d visited these shores. Something evil had risen in Los Angeles, and I wanted to find out what it was, the city in chaos, traditional airlines had been out, and evil walked the streets.

The human, I’d fucked and then discarded, the name of his company lost to me, as my mind wandered during his pathetic attempt at sex, sliding toward me now, I could feel his own climax between my legs, and the lack of mine, threatened to sour the mood I was in, he wasn’t even worth a feed, the snap of his neck barely audible.

It wasn’t worth walking over him, the heels of my stilettos, cutting into the fleshy part of his calves almost like a hot knife through butter, while the squishy sound gave me a shiver.

Looking up into the dark afternoon sky, a delicious sensation swept over me, this was certainly a town filled with evil, and I was going to take it over, sadly alone, but I’d find my solace here and there.

Heels clicking on the pavement, as I made my way to the waiting limo, reclined back into the warm leather seats, index finger on the silver switch, the window rolled down, the light breeze filling my nostrils with the smell of an apocalypse, small chill bumps dancing over my tanned skin.

Something was different on the air, as if I could smell my match, out there, unaware, my legs rocked up and down against the seat in silent anticipation, and then the smell was gone. Shaking my head, long dark tresses fell down my back, over my bare shoulders, a cascade that would make any many take in a deep breath.

As we passed by the once crowded streets, people ran in fear, evil certainly walked the earth in every form and fashion, some hidden in glamour’s keeping their identities secret, obviously, there was some force fighting for good, and then the oblivious ones who kept living as they always had, their numbers growing smaller and smaller as they were picked off one-by-one.

It was obvious to the naked eye the different sections of the city, in Beverly Hills, life appeared to the casual observer as if nothing had changed. I couldn’t tell if people were paying for safety or if it were only a matter of time.

A rather interesting restaurant piqued my interested, so I directed the driver to stop, take my things on to the house I’d purchased, and return later when I called.

Tonight was a night for me to prowl, and since changing and eating wasn’t on my agenda, I always learned the lay of the land, found other packs, got control before I’d ever turn, I’d have to settle for sating my human form with food.

I chose a spot where I could watch everything and everyone around me, licking my lips in quiet anticipation, I waited.

November 8th, 2004

The Once and Future King

Suffer My Desire
Bending slightly, he hid his face in my neck, his tongue slowly licking the blood-filled veins in my neck, even now I wanted to throw him down on the tarmac and take him there. My nostrils flared as his hand moved against my thigh, then as if nothing had happened, my growing arousal tickling his nostrils, his hand slipped to mine holding it tightly swinging it back and forth like a kid.

I’d missed my parents, well as much as one could in a family such as ours. Like as child anxious for Christmas I waited for them as their plane taxied up.

“Yeehaw,” Lindsey whispered in my ear, as my feet stamped the ground. He pulled my shivering body in closer for warmth. His other hand cupping my cheek, and for once kissing me tenderly, making me more edgy, he was the tender groom awaiting his own walk down an unfamiliar aisle. “They’ll be able to smell my lust excitement.

“And I care because?” He spoke in such kingly fashion. “You are right sire, this is your night.”

Family TiesCollapse )

Taking Lindsey’s hand, I made a way through the crowd. “We won’t be missed for a while.” He smiled.

“No, darlin’,” I teased. “Its time to kidnap the moon dancer, raise a little hell, and for you to finally become. The first time love, its going to burn like hot metal through your veins.”

The sky was darkening; I slipped out of my shoes and ran to a small clearing. Unbuttoning my shirt, I let it fall to my feet, the pale moon dancing across my naked breasts. I shimmied out of my skirt, I could feel Lucas close by, there wouldn’t be a fight at least not yet, we were going after the moon dancer.
Expertly, I undressed my love then slowly I changed, this made it somewhat painful, but I wanted him to know what he was about to go through, and as I described each detail, I began licking his body, cajoling him to lie down. Standing over him in wolfin form, I continued to lick, know this would calm him as he began to change.

Tonight we would capture Ashima, take her to the safe house as we had planned, then return to the pack.

One of his strong arms lovingly scratched my back; Lucas would try something, not tonight, most probably tomorrow.

Then I heard it, sounded like bones breaking … it had begun.

September 13th, 2004

The Night Brings Changes

Without Text
At the moment of his climax, as I was falling into the blissful abyss, savagely I bit into him, tasting the sweet, hot crimson life blood that we now shared.

I’d changed the course of his life hours ago with the first bite; he’d embraced it and me willingly. Never had I felt such affection for a human, and I had changed that almost immediately he was no longer human.

He’d wanted strength, had craved it; maybe that is what led him to me in the first place, time would tell as he would share his secrets with me. I looked forward to learning all of his secrets, finding out what made him tick.

Thick sweat stuck to my body, exhaustion wasn’t an option, I rode that cowboy hard as he played my body bringing it to such crescendo, and I wept tears of joy. For once the man with me was my match, and maybe I’d be happy or as happy as one such as I could. Being evil, I’d never felt these emotions, maybe my heart beat for someone else other than me.

Reluctantly, I left him to shower, as my body was renewed in these unfamiliar emotions, his body began the process of turning, turning into something more, something better than he had been when his life was draped around that mortal coil. This was not something I would ever understand, having been born Lycan. Caring for a half-breed was something, I’d learn to stomach. Previously the thought had been vile, but copulating with him had changed everything.

Always the over zealous one, I’d brought that passion to his bed and to his body as I had ravaged it. As his old body died to his new, I had to ensure that my new playmate would survive the night. The once and soon to be handsome again Lyndsey, looked as if he’d been mauled by a giant meat cleaver.

Not trusting his so called ‘loyal’ employees, humans knew nothing of loyalty, they bought and sold said loyalty through a variety of different means, they knew nothing of placing ones life in another’s hands, so I called in my trusted elders, to watch over him, in my ardor, I’d taken quit a hunk out of his neck, and even though it would heal – I’d just found him and I sure as hell didn’t want to lose him.

Making a fuss of what appeared to them to be my new mate, they gave him healing tonics, rubbed smelly elixirs over the cuts that now adored his incredible body.

Finally satisfied that he would in fact recover, I left to go and kill the young pup who’d betrayed me to him, regardless of the outcome; the pup had been treacherous, wasn’t born of clan and was one of the doubtful half-breeds who’d been turned without permission. After all, this was the time to show strength not a lack of it.

The pack was on edge, they knew something was different, they could feel the change, the air was full of electricity, and everything I’d ever wanted was now with the help of Lindsey, within my grasp.

I lived for the kill, and should have been more excited, but my mind was back at the penthouse with Lindsey. I suppressed a giggle wondering how much damage I’d done to that wonderful body of his and how long it would take him to recover.

As he slumbered and I waited the pack to come home, I spoke to him in my thoughts promising him things he had only dreamed of and the boy had the balls to speak back and challenge me.

Under the admiring eyes of the pack, I undressed, stood there naked in the moonlight, and slowly changed, ready for anything. Groveling, the young pup, attempted to run, but he didn’t get far. Looking at him I grinned.

September 5th, 2004

Paw pads silently hitting the ground, with each movement, my back ones took the place of the front ones, leaving little track. I’d learned this trick while learning the secrets of one rather hot shaper shifter, mixed mating as fun as it could be, was rather difficult, the cats were bizarre, an many a bit whimsical, even in their human forms if you were smart a man still would chase a ball of string.

The Moondancer’s mate had all but disappeared. Being an expert tracker, I would have had him by now, even if something magical had been there to aid him on his current crusade. Confident, he hadn’t contacted her; I was all the more satisfied with her prevailing mental state. This could get me the upper hand. But then, I’d misjudged her on many occasions, and I would not let that happen again.

The lush meadow was appealing, none of the pack was around, and I could frolic at my whim and enjoy the sunshine. Deep dark tufts of jade interspersed between the emerald thick blades of the esplanade.

Slowing down to a rather joyful lope, my attention quickly captured by the rancid smell of mawkish urine from an aging one, one who without care would soon be gone rotting away from something I didn’t understand. Curious, I followed his scent, totally confused. He should be an immortal, yet there was some cancer eating his gut, maybe a spell, but this was a kettle of fish I hadn’t counted on and was incredibly intrigued.

Crinkling my snout, shaking my head, I broke into a joyous canter springing forward snapping at a butterfly, then sailing down again, paws barely touching the tips of seductive grass, the falling into a roll, stopping when my back hit an excellent part of grass. Squirming back and forth like a warm on a hot rock, lows growls of delight stuck in my throat, as the long green fingers scratched my furry back stimulating every erogenous zone in my body. What I wouldn’t give for some stud to come along, and then I could have some fun.

Wriggling under the warm midday sun, the temptation to change overwhelmed me, silently I morphed into form that meet the world the day I was born. Grabbing a blade of grass, I chewed on its sweetness.

Staring at the sky, my childhood came thundering back to me, as I watched the clouds roll by, I saw a dragon, well a reasonable facsimile, a golfer, Mickey Mouse, a rather large snail, and a million other characters from my fantasies. I’d forgotten how much I’d loved it as a child, but that was several lifetimes ago, and I was now a very different person and one with vendetta.

Following him was futile, as I lay there enjoying my body, my nakedness, I began forming a plan that would take time to unfold but half the fun would be in its execution.

August 29th, 2004

The Girl is Pissing Me Off

Without Text
How the hell did she dare return? She’d raised my ire on one too many times. Instead of chasing her, I’d teach her a lesson. I’d picked up his scent, I could track anything. I was going to find him, fuck him, and then bring her his head on a platter.

I was the cat and she was the mouse, not the other way around. The blood lust rose in me. This was the joy of being a Lycan, I could change and I would change. The repulsive feeling that for now, good had won a small battle made me vomit.

Most of the pack would be in the local pub, most of them ruled by the moon. It was time for us to rule the moon. To rid the world of the plague of the undead and then take it over, eternal night, grow the humans in farms for food, single-handedly I would change the face of the world and go down in history.

August 12th, 2004

(no subject)

Without Text
Silk, always my favorite, I kept the cool smooth material close to my body. Surprisingly, she must have also. Reclining in her bed, pulling the luxurious fabric around me, watching the sun cast lazy beams on the hard-wood floors, I was smugly satisfied with myself.

At long last the scent of human was gone. Stupid bitch, she’d befriended one and he would be dinner, or dessert, or some small sumptuous appetizer, or little morsel. After all, in all things I did have a voracious appetite.

Stretching slowly, tensing each muscle then releasing, then rolling around in the bed scratching my back against the sleek cloth, if I’d been a cat I would have purred; instead, I arched then howled.

Elegantly rolling out of the davenport, dropping down to all fours, I knelt there, on my tiptoes and the tips of my fingers, smelling the massive room. The half-breed had been there, his scent old, maybe he was dead; the loathsome aroma of the bloodsuckers hung thick like flies around a horse’s dung. The stench revolted me, not even the members of the pack could dilute their pungency.

Straightening up, I made my way to the bathroom much resembling a cow sauntering home after a lazy day grazing, tail slowly twitching in the wind. My full belly making me languid, rarely did I eat my dessert but he’d proved a bad fuck, so what’s a girl to do? Stifling a giggle as I remembered his face as I turned, devouring him, the consequences of my actions were no lost.

Tomorrow I leave on the trek home, find my mate, and then return after a few human and possibly demonic slaughters, just to settle a score or two. Making this place my den, then capturing her would be my gift to the one who could prove himself meritorious of my amorous affections.

Sitting on the edge of the tub, my hands turned the ornate faucets, watering pouring out of the spigots into the enormous white porcelain basin. Sliding into the scalding liquid, immersing myself into the sinful pleasure only a bath would provide.

Lying there, my eyes wandered to the ceiling, caught the myriad rainbows of light dancing in a playful cat and mouse as the glass captured the luminescence of manmade beacons of sun. Admittedly, humans at times were smart, yet not all the worlds’ greatest creations were made by mere mortals, if they only knew.

The tepid water, covering my closed lids, I tried to imagine what her life might be like. Years of following her and yet I knew so little. A longer, a self-proclaimed outcast her life was simple and plain; but, the reflection of the apartment the things in which she surrounded herself with were nothing but plain. Interesting this one was.

Living here turned me on, breathing in the power she had, the power I would lord over the pack, it was intoxicating. Naked, I stood up in the tub, water glistening, I felt like prowling.

Stepping out of the tub, I shook myself like the canine I was, catching my reflection in the mirror, I smiled.
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