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[In Greek mythology, Lycaon (a legendary king of Arcadia) tried to trick Zeus into eating human flesh, but he was caught and changed into a wolf as punishment. Apparently this myth was associated with an ancient cult in which a sacrifice including human flesh was prepared by the performing priests, and whoever tasted it was supposed to change into a wolf. These rituals were held annually at Mount Lycaeus in Arcadia.]

When the world was new as the span of time goes, mortals were jealous of the gods. King Lycaon of Arcadia plotted to usurp Zeus and rule Olympus as well. Following the ancient rites Lycaon attempted to trick Zeus into eating the human flesh thus turning Zeus into a wolf under Lycaon’s spell.

Lycaon lured Zeus to Mount Lycaeus tempting Zeus with luscious delights. One priest betrayed Lycaon and instead Lycaon was turned into a werewolf.

Plotting revenge, Lycaon watched Zeus take one mortal lover after another. Zeus loved Aegina with whom he fathered a son, Aeacus. Aecaus mating with a lesser god, sired a daughter Miranda. Lycaon lusted after Miranda turning her upon her eighteenth birthday.

Taking pity on Miranda, Zeus returned Lycaon to his throne. In Arcadia the royal couple raised their only daughter Laurel. Only upon leaving Arcadia would Laurel learn her true birthright.

Her eye on the prize, Ashima, she vows to control Ash and in turn Lycan's and Werewolves everywhere. And then ... can't tell you everything now can I?